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LED Bulb

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Experienced three years of time and a lot of testing and validation, the CYT formal release CYT72xx Series Bulb with LED modules, the type of product is a combination of CYT in power management technology and LED module packaging technology products. CYT initiate and advocate "to the power LED power supply technology is considered to be the LED industry MTK enables customers to engineer a one-stop the TURNKEY turnkey way, simply use the the CYT provided to power module can quickly bring products to market, large-scale.

Moreover, the CYT Bulb dedicated module is also a strong competitive advantage, through the simplification and optimization package steps and the use of a dedicated LED chip, enables us to control costs, making customers' products at very competitive.

In addition to the advantages of upgrading, CYT has also effectively deal with "go power" brought about by a variety of risks, thereby enabling the products to gain market share quickly.

Currently, we provide customers with 5W standard power LED module components.

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