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White LED Backlight Driver

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Product Specifications

  • Brand name:CYT

Product Description

CYT3000A Specification

The product description

CYT3000A is a high power factor linear constant current driver on high voltage LED chips, used in LED lighting field.The IC CYT3000A through a unique patented technology, constant current control to realize constant current precision is less than ±5%, the output current can be regulated by the external REXT resistance. The IC CYT3000A with high power factor and low harmonic distortion.
   Simple system structure ,  the IC CYT3000A has a variety of protection function without transformer and electrolytic capacitor, the IC CYT3000A use few peripheral components, can save the space of electronic components, which can realize mass homework for LED lighting solution.



With no transformer and electrolytic capacitors

Integrated high voltage power supply

Output current can be adjusted, the maximum of 60mA

Current deviation ±5%


PF 0.95

THD: 20%

With overheating protection function

Applications without EMI problems

ESOP8 packaging format



T5 / T8 series LED tube

LED bulb light

LED downlight

LED ceiling light

Pin figure

Model circuit diagram

picture 1 3000A Model Application Solutions

Pin Definition 

Absolute Maximum Rating

Electrical characteristics

Current Settings

CYT3000A is LED constant current drive control circuit, integrated multi-functions module such as LED constant current control module, the OUT port driver module and so on. The IC CYT3000A D1 port minimum input voltage is 6 v (IOUT = 20 ma), can be achieved through external REXT resistance output current from 10mA60mA, built-in LED constant current driver module can make the LED current in high precision and is not affected by environmental temperature.IC CYT3000A can be realized through step by step to open four switch high efficiency, high power factor.
  CYT3000A output current adjusted by REXT resistance, IOUT = VREXT/R, 4 level switch opens output current step by step as follows:
 ID1=0.55V/R       ID2=0.70V/R       ID3=0.85V/R       ID4=0.90V/R

Application solutions


CYT3000A Typical application solutions

CYT3000A Parallel scheme

Reference designPCB design

Reference design - application circuit diagram

eference design - 5W Module BOM 

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