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LED Display Driver

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The CYT62726 is designed for LED display. It contains a serial buffer and data latches which convert serial input data into parallel output format. The CYT62726 offers sixteen constant-current output channels and users may adjust the output current from 3mA to 45 mA through an external resistor.
16 constant-current output channels
Constant output current invariant to load voltage change
Constant output current range:3—45mA@VDD=5V;3—30mA@VDD=3.3V
Excellent output current accuracy: between channels :< +2.5 % (max.)
                            And between ICs : < +3 % (max.)
Output current adjusted though an external resistor
25MHz clock frequency
supply voltage: 3.3V~5V
Compatible of MBI5026, TB62726


Package:ssop-24/ sop-24

APPLICATION :   LED Light     RGB LED Display Pannel

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